Dynamic Drawing 050

Besides working as an artist, another passion of Aletta is teaching drawing and painting lessons. She teaches in schools as well in her art studio. If you’d like more information about the workshops/art lessons she teaches in schools, please click here.

This page is about the art lessons she teaches in her art studio, named “Dynamic Drawing 050”: the creative drawing and painting course in Groningen. The lessons are for those who would like to start with drawing or painting, and for people who have a bit of experience but would like to improve their skills.

The lessons will be taught in Dutch, unless there are special requests to teach in English.

The lessons are being taught by Aletta Top, artist and arts teacher.
Location: Henri Dunantlaan 2, Groningen (The Netherlands).

Please leave me a message in case you’re interested in joining one of the lessons.

Information about these lessons you’ll also find at the Dynamic Drawing 050 Facebookpage.

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