Aletta Top

(The Netherlands, 1988) is a multidisciplinairy artist, who draws, paints and does photography. She says: “I would rather describe myself as a storyteller. Or actually even better would be ‘journalist’. The world is full of stories, and so are we. Stories are everything: they make life worth living for, I suppose.”

Aletta has been inspired by colours, lines and compositions since she was a kid. In her photography and painting she has a particular interest in still lifes works. Her drawings are expressive and powerful.
Aletta’s works cover many art mediums including mixed media: illustrations and photocollages which combine both photographic and drawing techniques.  She has studied Fine Arts in The Netherlands and also in Turkey and has a Bachelors degree in Education.

Besides working as an artist Aletta also teaches drawing lessons in schools and in her own art studio under the name “Dynamic Drawing 050”. If you are interested in joining these lessons, please click here for more information.

Exhibition and publication history

2009: “The Sounds of Odunpazari” / exhibition + book publication, documentary photography
Eskisehir, Turkey

2010: “Over de dingen die voorbijgaan” / graduation show,
mixed media (film & photography installation)
De Manege, Leeuwarden

2010: “Siebren op de Boerderij” / premiere,
documentary film
Noordelijk Filmfestival, Leeuwarden

2015: “Telling Voices” / movie,
Noorderlicht Film, Minnertsga

2016: “Hashtag Genieten” / media installation
documentary project, Nacht van de Filosofie
Tresoar, Leeuwarden

2016: “Blauhaus op het Media Art Festival” / Blauhaus artists in residence Media Art Festival, Leeuwarden

2016: “Vogel en Mol ontdekken een wereldtaal” / children’s book,
Publisher Louise, Grou

2017: “Under the blue sky” / group exhibition Blauhaus,
travel/documentary photography
UITfestival, Leeuwarden

2018: “About the things that pass” / international solo exhibition, photocollages
Elixir, Cairns, Australia

4-11-2018: “Open Ateliers Stad Groningen” / open studios
(photo)collages, paintings

January 2019: “Y2 Wintersalon” / group exhibition
handmade collages

24-05 until 15-06-2019: “INSTANT MEMORIES” / solo exhibition,
Galerie H200, Groningen

12-07 until 01-10-2019: “INSTANT MEMORIES” / duo exhibition,
fotocollages and paintings (painter Wessel Middelbos)
Cultuurhuis De Klinker, Winschoten

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